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An entrepreneur since 2018 and in crypto since 2017. Founded multiple companies and worked on product development and growth for marketplaces.
Ex-Uber with background in law. Entrepreneur for 5 years in the SEO and crypto spaces.
Founding Engineer
Ex-Meta, 2x founder, entrepreneur and software engineer with over 10 years of experience
Founding Engineer
Software engineer with over a decade of experience. Crypto native since 2012.
Strategic Partner & Tech lead
Neeraj is an ex-Google software engineer, Head of Blockchain and AI at, and CEO of which helped web3 games transact billions of dollars.
Head of Community
Gaming Guild founder, scaled to 30k members. Passionate about building around blockchain technology with years of background in leadership and management.
Moonstream is CG's strategic technology partner
Moonstream provides economic infrastructure for web3 games and gathers actionable data with web3 data analytics. They act on it with on-chain mechanics.