In CG Meta Game, upon completing a quest, you'll have the opportunity to claim rewards from the Quest pool (learn more in Quest Pool of Rewards). This pool consists of various types of rewards, including a cash prize provided by the game itself and sponsored rewards from external sponsors. Additionally, the pool includes royalties collected from the transactions involving CG Heroes and $VIL coins.
In addition, you can also collect Badges. Badges have a significant impact on your NFT character, increasing its Hero Score. When you acquire a Badge, it becomes a soulbound token (SBT), meaning it is permanently attached to your CG Hero and cannot be transferred to other players unless you sell your CG Hero. The Badges serve as buffs for your character and increase its earning potential for all future quests. The specific effect of a Badge will vary depending on its type, the quest it was earned in, and, in the case of competitive quests, your position on the leaderboard.