Genesis Badge

Non-transferable NFTs

Badges in CG Meta Game are non-transferable NFTs that are soulbounded to CG Heroes. Once a Badge is acquired, it becomes permanently attached to the respective CG Hero. This means that Badges cannot be separated from the CG Hero they are attached to.

Buff and Earning Potential

Badges act as buffs for CG Heroes, increasing their earning potential within the Quest Pool of Rewards. By collecting Badges, CG Hero holders enhance the capabilities of their NFTs and gain an advantage in terms of potential rewards compared to other CG Hero holders.

Reward Early Adopters

Each release of Badges in CG Meta Game is unique. Collecting all the Badges gives a significant edge to the holder compared to other CG Heroes. This uniqueness and exclusivity of Badges contribute to differentiating a CG Hero from others and add value to the NFT.

Quest and Leaderboard Variations

The types of Badges available will vary depending on the specific quest and, if applicable, the existence of a leaderboard within that quest. Different quests may have their own unique set of Badges, and if there is a competitive component with a leaderboard, the Badges may vary based on the rankings achieved by CG Heroes holders.

CG Heroes & Badge Scoring System

Genesis Badge
Quest 1 Badge
Quest 2 Badge
100 points
+10 points
+5 points
+5 points
The Badge scoring system will be adjusted, this is a preliminary simplified model.