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Tradable NFTs

Equipment in CG Meta Game are NFTs that can be traded within the ecosystem. Players have the ability to buy, sell, or trade equipment NFTs with other participants, adding a dynamic trading element to the game.

Free Minting through $VIL Staking

Players can mint equipment NFTs for free by staking and locking their $VIL coins. In order to participate in this mechanism holders need to stake multiples of 10 millions $VIL for 50 days. Each 10m $VIL staked for 50 days will unlock a lootbox with an equipment inside of it.

Lootbox ratio

Loot Ratio
This lootbox ratio will be adjusted, this is a preliminary and simplified model.

Boosting CG Heroes

Equipment can be added to CG Heroes to boost their score and increase their earning potential within the Quest Pool of Rewards. By equipping their CG Heroes with suitable equipment, players enhance their Heroes' capabilities and increase their chances of earning higher rewards in quests.

Royalty Fee

Equipment NFTs have a 10% royalty fee associated with them. When an equipment NFT is traded, 5% of the royalty fee goes to the Quest Pool of Rewards, which further contributes to the reward pool for participants. The remaining 5% of the royalty fee goes to the CG treasury, providing support and resources for the CG Meta Game ecosystem.

Comprehensive Scarcity, Types, and Scoring System

A detailed equipment scarcity, type, and scoring system will be released later in the game's development. This system will determine the rarity, characteristics, and impact of different types of equipment on the gameplay. The specific details of the system, including equipment types and their effects, will be provided to players as the game progresses.
A CG Hero will be able to equip a variety of equipment, including but not limited to:
  • Weapons
  • Hats
  • Armors
  • Gems
  • Clothes
This equipment can be found in various levels of power and scarcity
  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

Equipment Scoring system

Equipment / Scarcity
+1 points
+2 points
+5 points
+10 points
The equipment scoring system will be adjusted, this is a preliminary and simplified model.