CG Heroes Collection

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1000 Heroes at launch

At the launch of the CG Meta Game, 1000 NFTs were available for free minting. These NFTs have a 10% royalty fee, meaning that whenever they are sold or traded, 10% of the transaction proceeds will be paid as a royalty.

New CG Heroes will be released in the future

There is no predetermined limit to the number of CG Heroes that can be minted in the future. This means that additional CG Heroes can be released over time to accommodate the growth of the user base and provide opportunities for new participants to join.
However, it's important to note that while new CG Heroes will be released, they will not be available for free minting like the initial 1000. Instead, these new Heroes will be sold to interested collectors and players. When new Heroes are sold, half of the proceeds generated from their sales will be added to the Quest Pool of Rewards.
This approach serves two purposes.
  1. 1.
    Firstly, it helps to grow the user base of CG Meta Game by allowing new players to acquire CG NFTs and participate in the game.
  2. 2.
    Secondly, it ensures that there is an ongoing incentive for early adopters of CG NFTs. By adding half of the sale proceeds from new CG Heroes to the Quest Pool of Rewards, early adopters can continue to benefit from the growth of the game and the rewards generated within the ecosystem.

Evolution of NFTs with Badges, Equipment, and Skins

Identical NFTs can be evolved and differentiated through the acquisition of Badges, Equipment, and Skins. Badges are unique Souldbound Tokens (SBTs) that are permanently attached to the CG Heroes. Equipment NFTs, on the other hand, can be used to boost CG NFTs and are transferable between players. Skins allow you to personalize your CG Hero image and background.

Buffing and Earning Potential

Badges and Equipment act as buffs, increasing the earning potential of CG Heroes. By collecting Badges and equipping powerful items, you can enhance the capabilities and earning potential of your Hero compared to others.

Scoring System and Weight

A comprehensive scoring system will be implemented, which will calculate the "score" of each Hero. This score will determine the "weight" of the Hero in future pools of rewards. The more Badges and Equipment a Hero holds, and the stronger they are, the higher the potential rewards the Hero can collect from the Quest Pool of Rewards compared to others.

Principles of the Scoring System

The scoring system will follow several core principles. Early Badges, which are unique and scarce, will have a significant boost to reward early adopters. However, the system will also ensure that new entrants can participate by either purchasing existing Heroes in the secondary market or minting new ones when they are released.
The system will incorporate a wide variety of equipment slots, scarcity levels, and power levels. It will be designed to be dynamic, ensuring the growth and sustainability of the ecosystem.

Royalty Fee and NFT Transfers

CG NFTs will have a royalty fee attached, and this fee will be added each month to the Quest Pool of Rewards. Transferring NFTs without paying the royalty fee may be prohibited or result in sanctions to ensure the fair distribution of rewards and support for the ecosystem