$VIL Coin


Coin details:

  • Ticker: VIL
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 (1 Trillion)
  • Contract Address: 0x34A8911a238f0d32bB464dcd329112B895958dAA
$VIL is a fixed supply token that was not sold nor pre-sold to any investors. It was initially airdropped to early users and can only be earned by completing quests, getting airdrops from participating in community events, or by buying it on the secondary market.
$VIL coins have multiple utilities within the CG Meta Game including staking, burning, and voting.


Stake to Craft

Users can stake and lock 10m $VIL for 50 days. In exchange, they will receive a loot box that contains a random item.


Heros Skins and Backgrounds

Burn $VIL to purchase Hero Skins and Backgrounds. For each quest, a new Hero Skin and Background will be released in limited editions. Users will be able to purchase them by burning $VIL.

Hero Staking Game

We will soon release a Staking Game where users can stake their Hero to defeat villains on-chain and gain special rewards such as rare items and coins. The Hero Score will have an impact on the probability of looting.
Heroes will have the capacity to be boosted by burning $VIL coins.


Quest voting

A DAO model will be implemented for specific use cases.
We will soon allow games to offer Quest proposals including the type of game, the type of quest, and the rewards. The community will be able to vote on which quest will be selected using $VIL as their voting power.

$VIL future distribution model

The community will be able to decide the next model $VIL rewards for quests starting at quest #21.

Coin distribution:

  • 10% Airdrop: 5% In Discovery Boxes and 5% for Zealy campaign and contributors
  • 20% for CG treasury
  • 70% for CG quests’ pool of rewards

Release schedule:

  • 10% at launch (Discovery Boxes + Zealy)
  • 1% of CG treasury at launch and 1% more every month for 19 months
  • 2% released in each Quest Pool of rewards for the first 20 quests.
  • Starting from Quest #21, 70% of the total supply will be distributed. The DAO will vote regarding the new model to reward quests with the remaining 30% of the supply.