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The lore of CG Meta Game draws inspiration from real-life characters who hurt the crypto community. These characters are known as the Villains, and their goal is to support the Bear's reign over the Metaverse, opposing the Bull's influence. In their efforts, the Villains have sent their minions into various crypto worlds, which are represented by the Web3 Games within CG Meta Game.
As a player in CG Meta Game, you take on the role of a hero striving to bring back the Bull's dominance in the Metaverse. To accomplish this, you must complete quests within the different web3 games. Each quest you undertake represents a battle against the Villains and their minions. By completing these quests, you not only weaken the Villains' influence but also strengthen your hero.
Throughout your journey, you collect a special currency known as $VIL (Villain Coins). These coins symbolize the essence of the Villains and their nefarious deeds. The $VIL coins you gather serve a crucial purpose: they can be used to craft magical equipment that provides significant boosts to your hero. By utilizing these enchanted items, you enhance your hero's capabilities and increase your chances of restoring the Bull's reign in the Metaverse.